Welcome to 7th Grade Humanities!

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Perseverance Book Club Schedule
(The pages next to each day are what you are discussing ON THAT DATE, which means that you must have those pages read BEFORE coming to class that day!)

Ida B (~35 pgs/day)
5/22: p. 1-40
5/24: p. 41-108
5/28: p. 109-248 (End)

The Skin I’m In (~24 pgs/day)
5/22: p. 1-28
5/24: p. 29-79
5/28: p. 80-171 (End)

Speak (~28 pgs/day)
5/22: p. 1-29
5/24: p. 30-85
5/28: p. 86-198 (End)

The Hunger Games (~54 pgs/day)
5/22: p. 1-60
5/24: p. 61-160
5/28: p. 161-374 (End)

Sold (~38 pgs/day)
5/22: p. 1-38
5/24: p. 39-116
5/28: p. 117-263 & Author’s Note