Reading Response Journal

Use the following format and rubric to write your reading response journals.

Title of Book
Pages: _ to _

Include at least three of the following:
  • Reactions to pages that you have read
  • Questions that you have while you are reading
  • Something that you did not understand
  • Quotes that strike you and why
  • Predictions that you have
  • Connections to other texts, the world, and/or yourself
  • Things you notice about the character (things that change for the character, new characters introduced, personality traits of character, or character motivations)
  • Things you notice about how the setting changes (Remember setting is not just a time and physical place but the rules that exist in a society)

Reading Response Rubric

Not Yet
Meets Standards
Exceeds Standards
Infer meanings, analyze information, and develop valid ideas based on evidence and analysis
Student does not use at least three reading strategies. She does not use any specific examples to support her opinion. There are no reactions, just a basic summary.
Student uses at least three reading strategies. She uses specific examples to support her opinion and shows a basic understanding of the text.
__ Student uses three or more reading strategies. She uses multiple, specific examples to support her opinion and her response contains a strong analysis of the text.