The French and Indian War

North America before and after the French and Indian War
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Most North American Native Americans did not always welcome the Europeans. They wanted to continue living on these lands as their ancestors had done for hundreds of years. The French were mainly interested with trading with the natives, while the British wanted to build settlements. Many natives were friendlier toward the French, who did not want to move them from their land. During the 1700's, France and Great Britain competed for land and trade opportunities east of the Mississippi River. While the French, British, and Natives battled over land and trade rights in North America, the British and French were having a war in Europe at the same time.
Which groups of Europeans did the Natives get along with? Why?
What were the British and the French fighting over?

Treaty of Paris
  • This agreement ended the French and Indian War.
  • The French gave up all colonies in North America.
  • The British gained control over the land west of the 13 colonies to the Mississippi River.
  • Spain helped the French, so they were forced to give up Florida.

Effects of the French and Indian War
  • The Proclomation of 1763 is passed which closes off land West of the Appalacians to the colonists.

  • The British have lost alot of money fighting the war against France. They need to figure out how to make some money.

What do you think the British do?