Author's purpose is WHY an author chooses to write something (their aim or their intent).

Most Common Author's Purpose

- To entertain: the author wants to provide readers with amusement or enjoyment

- To inform: the author wants to teach or tell readers about something

- To persuade: the author wants the readers to think a certain way or believe a certain thing

"How do I figure out what an author's purpose is?"

1. Look at the GENRE of the text (most of the time, these will be in the directions on the state test!

- Fiction (stories, poems, plays) -----> to entertain

- Nonfiction (articles, biographies, editorials) ------> to inform OR to persuade

2. While and after reading, ask yourself some questions:

(To persuade)
- Does the author have a strong opinion he/she wants to share?
- Does the author want me to do or think something specific?

(To inform)
- Is the author just telling me about something (giving facts)?
- Is the author giving me both sides of an argument?